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Shampoo Carpets/Mats

Single Mat or Section-$19.99
1 Row-$39.99 2 Rows- $59.99

Exterior Hand Wash Only

Starting at $39.99

Shampoo Seating

Single Seat -$19.99
1 Row- $59.99 2 Row- $89.99

Engine/Engine Bay Detailing

Starting at 95.00

Full Vehicle ClayBar Session

 $124.99 Sedans
$149.99 Trucks and SUVs
Half Session $89.99

Interior Vacuum Only

Starting at $29.99

Pickup Bed Washout

Starting at $59.99




cloth seat cushion removal and shampoo

steam cleaning of all hard plastic

disinfecting on all hard surfaces

blow dry

Waterproofing/Stain Protection

for an additional $15

Child Car Seat Cleaning

$54.99 Each

Glassparency Window Treatment

Windshield-$100 All Windows- $200.00
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Fallout Removal

Starting at $125.00

In/Out Glass Cleaning


Odor Bombing

Scented $39.99
Smoke Eater $49.99

Interior/Carpet Blowouts

Starting at $54.99

Odor/Ozone Treatment

4-6 Hours-$74.99
6-10 Hours-$99.99

Headlight Restoration

Small Pair- $74.99
Large Pair- $124.99

Plastic Trim Restoration

$85.00 Any Vehicle
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