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Hottest new detailer in Maine

Maine Recon is born...

Maine Recon started as a weekend hobby, dabbling into an abyss of what feels like therapy and just a place to get away. The passion and rush that follows seeing the final product of a days hard work is so satisfying. In 2011, I had the opportunity to learn a skill set that so many people have left behind. I had an opportunity to learn how to detail everything by hand, and be shown the correct way to do things. Learning tips and tricks along the way. That skill set will never surpass the level of service I provide today. In 2013 I moved on from my mentor and decided to open up a small used car dealership and auto center, to put my business and diesel engineering degree to use. Regretfully, due to a divorce, I had to let that business go. However, I do stay in touch with its current owners and I know all my previous customers are in great care. Upon all of lifes hardships, I never gave up on myself, I found a great connection with Maine Limousine located in South Portland. Upon starting there, I was asked to help show his small detail team some of the things I have learned over my last few years, as knowledge is power and it will just help everyone flourish and succeed. I did just that, and in 2016 I took over the detailing operation exclusively for Maine Limousine. After 2 years of working 6 days a week ,buffing, polishing limousines and caring for them, The owners forwarded me an opportunity to help me create an LLC and perform this function as my own entity. In 2018 I built J2D Ventures LLC and began building a small clientele as we still continue to care for the large fleet of limousines, over the next 2 years I watched Maine Limousine, grow and expand to the point of outgrowing their current property, as the owners began looking for new property, I would sit in with the leadership team weekly and give them input on how a separate detail bay could benefit them. During the summer of 2019 they entered into an agreement with a large facility in Scarborough, which is our current home. The entire fall, we continued to push plans for a Maine Recon retail space and a second location away from my home. In February 2020, The second location was born and is now turning into Southern Maines best boutique detail spa. With a growing list of over 568 clients since February 2020, Maine Recon is still passionately dedicated to that feeling of rush and excitement the we strive to get from every customer. We invite you to call and inquire or stop in and say hello, our doors are always open, the beer is always cold and the climate is always just right!

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