Our auto detail services range from basics such as interior shampooing and cleaning, to auto restoration procedures such as swirl removal and car clay treatments. Our reputation as a professional detailing shop that truly cares about the smallest details has made us a trusted destination for owners of both specialty and non-specialty cars throughout New England.

If you're looking for high quality exterior and interior cleaning, detailing, and restoration at a reasonable cost, then Maine Recon is the place for you. We pride ourselves in exceeding customer expectations by using the finest products and over 10 years of detailing expertise.

Meet Our 


Ryan "RY GUUY" Conary -  Recon Specialist

RIP Aug. 9th 2020- Forever on our Hearts!

Clint "Eastwood" Lefebvre -  Detail Specialist

Clint joined Maine Recon during the summer of 2020. He is a graduate of Bonny Eagle High School class of 2013. He spends his spare time indulging his love of cars, which is his favorite hobby and pastime. 

Clint has always loved to detail. He got his start at the age of 14 cleaning vehicles belonging to family friends and his parents. He is very detail-oriented and is self motivated with everything he does and this transpires to the finished product of all vehicles leaving Maine Recon.

One of his favorite quotes is "Get it done right the first time so we don't have to do it again."

He is a current International Detailing Association Member and is going towards his certification in 2021.

Patrick joined Maine Recon in 2020 as a co-op student in his senior year of high school. Where he attends South Portland High School. 

A goal of his is to attend a college or university, graduate and enjoy the experience while there.

A quirky thing about him is that he hangs all of his t-shirts on hangers instead of folding them.  Also, after he buys a new pair of shoes he does not throw away the shoe box, he saves it!

He is a current International Detailing Association Member and is going towards his certification in 2021.

Patrick "Patty Ice" Farrell -  Detail Apprentice

Joshua "JJ" Davis -  Owner/Recon Specialist

Joshua Davis is the Founder of Maine Recon. Josh has over 11 years experience and knowledge in auto detailing and has a passion for all things on wheels. I attend regular car meets, trade shows and event to bring our customers the very best in technology and craftsmanship. Josh has an Associates degree in Diesel Engineering and applied science from the Universal Technical Institute in Norwood, MA.

Josh has an assembled team of professionals with over 16 years of experience and a passion for vehicles. Feel free to stop by our Scarborough location and introduce yourself to our staff. Let us take care of all your detailing needs.

Maine Recon knows what our customers have come to expect, and have surrounded ourselves with the industries top talent to help bring their experiences to our customers. Our top priority is our customers experience while incorporating affordable services to meet those clients needs. Stop by or give us a call and become a part of the Maine Recon family.

We are a IDA member facility and will be the only fully certified IDA facility in Southern Maine beginning in early 2021.

Joshua “JJ” Davis


Cars(Sedans/Coupes) - 2 Row SUVs(Small SUVS/Crossovers) - 3 Row SUVs(Large SUVS/Wagons/Vans) - Trucks(up to 3500 Series)

Wheels off detail on any vehicle please add $150.00

Excessive bug removal may require buffing at an extra charge of $40 per hour.

Pet hair removal is an add on service of a minimum of $60.00 most vehicles,NO EXCEPTIONS!

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Auto Spa/Detailing Retail Shop: 70 Pleasant Hill Rd. Scarborough,Maine 04074
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