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 Deb Burke 

 2007 Hummer H2 

Josh and his team are absolutely amazing my vehicle has never looked so good, it is a 15 year old vehicle and it looks brand new! Better than brand new! Josh is very attentive to every detail of the job.


 Louis Rivers 

 2021 Honda Ridgdeline/Harley 

I have brought both my truck and my motorcycle to Maine Recon. In both cases they came back looking perfect. If you want a high end detailing of your vehicle, this is the place to go.


 Karen Stoddard 

 Ford Escape 

If you need a detailing PLEASE go to Josh. Our car looks and smells better than it did when it came off the showroom floor. AND we have two boys and a dog. Josh does AMAZING work, is kind and runs a thorough and incredibly professional business. You won't get better service or work anywhere else!


 Teale Smith 

 2016 Infiniti Q70I 

Josh does a great job of paying attention to details. I am very particular about the appearance of my car.

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